Commercial Paint Sprayers Companies in London


The London Decorators specializes in on site spray painting in London of all types of substrates. With our extensive experience, know-how and quality control, you will save up to 70% of the cost of replacement when dealing with us to repaint the exterior/interior of your home or commercial buildings.

Our services also include MDF spray painting in London which is a very tricky process that consumes a lot of time and need extensive attention. For us to obtain a perfect finish, we must be very careful during the spraying stages of MDF. This can only be achieved by our team of professional spray painters London whom equipped with state of the art equipments and sprayers will supervise minutely the furniture from the preparation of the surface, drying and polishing in our workshops.

Spray Finishing London

Out of the many existing spray paint companies, we have proudly earned the tag of one of the best commercial paint sprayers in London. Our highly skilled and experienced team is available for onsite projects such as restoring, repairing and cladding spraying on any type of industrial & commercial properties. Commercial spray painting is widely used nowadays since it is much economical when used in large scale and we are the one you should request a quote from to provide you with the best spray finishing London.

If you need proof of our great service, visit our page for the testimonials of our satisfied clients. our expertise in spray painting in London is founded by our very professional attitude, our highly skilled team, our no-compromise on quality approach and our in depth knowledge of our craft.

Do contact us for more information and request a quote.

Spray Finishing London

Onsite Spraying

  • commercial shops
  • large ceilings
  • carparks
  • large corporate events
  • lifts
  • toilets

In our speciallist spray booths

  • joinery items
  • bespoke furniture
  • staging and set pieces