Which Paint Type is Best for You

The first thing which you think about while decorating a house is the paint to be used. Most of the time, we use the same paint which was previously used, especially if you are happy with it. However, you might want to reconsider this. Eco friendly paints are gaining in popularity for different reasons and not just because they are eco friendly. If you are committed to use this type of paints and if you do your research properly, you will realise that there are different types of paints available which are as good as solvent based paints.

What is your highest priority? Do you want great looking colours or durability of a paint with no VOC (Volatile Organic Components) or an organic or natural paint? If you want to wash your walls clean and also need durability, solvent based paints are the best. Eco friendly or natural and organic paints will not last as long as those chemically processed counterparts of theirs. You can choose a solvent based paint which is low on VOC count. There are certain brands with paints like that.

However, if you want to be friendly to Mother Nature and be responsible, you would go for organic paints. These paints have zero or very low VOC count and they are child-safe as well. However, the durability of these paints is not as good as the solvent based paints.

You can ask painters and decorators in North London if you want to know more about these paints, their advantages and disadvantages and the applicability of those paints for your household.

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