Paint Sprayers Half The Work, Double The Result

We tend to keep the painting tasks for the weekends as we don’t get the time during busy weekdays. This can be an outdoor project during the summer and during other times of the year, we keep on painting a room or furniture.

Many people, however, wouldn’t want to go out, armed with paint rollers and brushes, during a lazy weekend. To combat this, the newest weapon in the arsenal of DIY enthusiast home-makers is the spray paint machine. Not only it makes the job fast and easier, but it also makes the work less tiring and more enjoyable. As with every device, they tend to cost a lot but now, a lot of brands are offering these sprayers for as little as £100. A moderately priced commercial paint sprayer can half the work and double the result over the traditional methods.

Paint sprayers have multiple advantages over the brush and roller method of the old. One of the biggest advantages of paint sprayers would be its ability to spray the paint evenly on irregular surfaces such as bricks or intricate objects like a slat of a shutter or door. Furnitures with a crookedly uneven surface, such as a cane sofa is surprisingly easy to paint with a sprayer. Even the ceiling of a room, a generally tricky surface to paint, is easily done with a spray machine. These jobs might take a day or two, using the old method but with a sprayer they can be done within a couple of hours.

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