How to use Colour to Make your Home Happier

Scientific evidence has shown that colour has the ability to change or alter your mood. Colour psychology is a study that explores how colour influences the human emotions. Indeed, the colour choices in your home can make or break your mood. Every person wants to make their home happier.

Therefore, there are certain colour rules that will help you achieve this. A single alteration of colour can have a dramatic effect on how you feel. Above all, making your home that inviting haven for your family and friends is the best gift. This article looks at how to use colour to liven up your home.


This is a bold strong colour that can be somewhat intimidating. However, red exudes confidence and a zest for life. Studies have revealed that red raises the heart rate and induces emotions. If you are an upbeat homeowner, this is a great colour choice. It shows vibrancy, optimism and makes a room feel welcoming. Creating a feeling of warmth can be done so effectively using red. However, it is good to use the colour wisely to avoid creating a chaotic feel. Use red with pattern to tone it down a bit. This way, you enjoy a vibrant sophisticated space.


Are you looking to make your room serene and calm? If so, blue is the right colour for you. Blue is used to show loyalty and trust. In addition, a blue room has been found to inspire productivity in people. It brings out focus and confidence. Using blue tones in your bedroom will indeed give you that restful feel. Blue can also be used in bathrooms, study rooms and more. Blue should be mixed with a warm colour to create a soothing happy undertone. This colour allows the mind and body to relax for a happier home.


Do you need to make your space feel more airy and spacious? This will be achieved by using white. For small spaces, you create an illusion that will add more space to your room. It is ideal for entryways and halls. To break the white monotony, use a grey or cream shade to add more character to your space. Overall, you will be creating a more spacious and inviting space in your home.


This colour is ideal for adding creativity, mystery and drama to your home. Looking for that extra inspiration is not hard because all you have to do is get a shade of violet that will appeal to you. This colour adds a bold statement and shows off your confidence. In this regard, adding this shade to your office or bedroom can dramatically change your emotions for the better.


This sunlight colour has been used to create happiness that is uplifting. It creates an upbeat friendly mood. Studies have shown that this colour can trigger the release of serotonin which is a feel-good hormone. Lift your spirit this way to make your home a happier place. For utmost vibrancy and fun, use yellow in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. However, make sure not to overwhelm your colour decor by using grey as a backdrop to balance the vibrant yellow.

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