Decorating Your Home – How to Choose Your Colours

Selecting colours to decorate your home can be very daunting. Presented with an array of colours or palettes, choosing an ideal shade for your home is overwhelming to say the least. The last thing you want is to choose colours that do not represent your style or those that do not do any justice to your space. Having said this, the process of choosing colours does not have to be intimidating; the following tips will help you get started in this respect. Educating yourself on the art of picking colours will make your work much easier as guided below:

Create the right mood for every space with colour

Experts in interior design all agree that the primary role of colour is to create or set the right mood. Therefore, know what mood you want to set for your living room, kitchen, bedroom and so on. You can create calm or vibrant moods with colours. Strong loud colours like shades of red should be chosen for the right rooms such as living areas. Bedrooms on the other hand would rather have calm and quieter colours. Therefore, take time and set the tone in your home.

Tap into your personal taste and preference

All people will have certain colour preferences. This is great because individuals have different personalities. Using your taste to choose the colour of your home can work wonders. This is a method to showcase who you are and what you are all about. You can discuss with members of your family on the right colour scheme for different rooms; to provide that inclusive appeal for all. Above all, choose a colour theme that speaks about what you want to communicate to all people who visit your home.

Do not go overboard; stick to the rule of three

Many people will go crazy with colour. However, it can result in busy patterns and confusing if not annoying colour layouts. In any room, avoid using more than three colours. This will provide the needed harmony without ruining the appeal of the tones used. Some people may be tempted to use just one colour and again, this may not bring out an attractive decor. Matching everything in a room will not provide the needed natural elegance.

Contrasting colours provides a balance

Warm and cool colours work together to give you something really appealing to the eye. Neutral colours can be used in a bedroom and this may be fine. However, adding pale gold hues can invigorate the space to make it even more inviting in a minimal way. Opposite colours really provide interesting twists and you can experiment with a few to discover what works for you home.

Harmonize the colours of your home

Every space in your home is different. In this regard, you will want to give every space a unique colour attribute. However, it is good to retain some fundamental theme colours that bring out the overall scheme of your home. You want the entire house to have some primary theme colours that bring everything together.

Decorating your home with colour is indeed something very personal. In a way, there is no wrong way of doing things; as long as you achieve what you are looking for. On the other hand, you have to observe some colour rules to deliver the very best colour decor in your home.

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