Avoid These Common Home Decorating Mistakes

How to get a beautifully decorated room? Lots of books and magazines, TV shows and online articles, videos from decorators will give you brilliant home decorating ideas in the UK. However, rarely you can find a place where you come to know what not to do while decorating your room.

It really helps to learn now so you don’t commit these mistakes once you embark on your decorating journey. Here is the list in a crisp manner.

•    Don’t let anyone else dictate your choices. Your home is, after all, your home. Don’t allow someone else to tell you what to do and what not to do. You can seek suggestions but the final decision should always be with you. Only then you can feel comfortable within it.

•    Do not put the paint first. You can choose and buy whatever colour you prefer but put the paint only after you have chosen your fabric, carpet and upholstery. Keep the paint in stock till then.

•    A small chip, painted using some colour, can look great under those artificial colours of the shop. Do not choose a paint by looking at that chip. It might come up totally differently on the wall. Once you have chosen a colour, buy a can and paint a small part of the wall using it and see how it suits the wall, especially under natural light. If you don’t want to touch the wall, stick a cardboard on the wall and paint it to test the colour.

•    Do not decide the colour at a store. Many people make this mistake. Ask for sample paints, piece of fabric for upholstery or carpet to test it in your home. Check them out during the daylight and with the artificial light after the sunset. Then only you can get the perfect idea.

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