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Common Colour Scheme Mistakes

Redecorating the interior of your house is a wonderful way to give it a new lease of life. It should also brighten your mood as you move from room to room and admire the warmth, ambience and effect a well-finished interior decoration job has been completed.

Do you really want to tackle this yourself?

If you are a big DIY enthusiast, or a qualified painter and decorator it is quite understandable that you will feel well-equipped to complete.
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Interior Colour Scheme Considerations

When it is time to spruce up the interior of your home it is important to give individual character to the different rooms in your house. This makes interior colour scheme considerations something that should not just be glossed over!

A new coat of paint will suffice, but….

It is fairly straightforward to give a room a new coat of paint, but why not bring out the best of each space by looking at a colour scheme.
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Airless Paint Spraying Advantages

Airless paint spraying advantages are many and varied. We will look at what situations this type of decorating is most appropriate for, and also why such painting work is best left to experienced decorators.

What is airless paint spraying?

An airless paint sprayer pumps paint at very high pressure through a hose forcing it out of a very small nozzle in its spray gun tip. Different sized tips can be used for different decorating jobs. These tips.
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