Home Décor Staging to Help Sell Your Home

In order to sell your home for the highest value possible, you will need to make some investments that will be regained once you have the cash available from the sale of your home. For some people, this can be a difficult task as any free cash may already be earmarked as a deposit to secure the new home before the old home has been sold.

Therefore it is important to plan ahead when hiring a company to help you with home décor staging to sell your home.

Storage Space

Once selling point that any home will benefit from is storage. It may seem like it is a bit late to start to add storage areas to your home as you have already lived there for some time. The best way to approach this is to look around your house at where you have junk and clutter that could be stored away or items you have stored away that you would rather have on display.

If you have a cupboard of books, then think about getting those books onto shelves. Look for areas in your living room or even your bedroom and kitchen areas where a shelf could make room for these books. People coming to buy the place will certainly like to see shelving.

You can also have a decorator come in and install build in storage units on areas of the house that have a gap. For example, a gap under the stairs could be changed into cupboards. Also, make sure you fix any broken shelves or cupboards in areas currently used for storage. Even adding storage facilities to an attic can help to add value to your home.

Showing that you have made the most of awkward spaces is a massive selling point and certainly helps to fetch a higher price for your property.

Refresh Your Walls

Refreshing the paint on walls is one of the most obvious points to address before you sell your house. You can arrange to have this done closer to the time of sale. It really doesn’t matter if your home has a smell of fresh paint when buyers come to visit because it shows them that they do not need to worry about having the walls repainted.

Now one word of advice here. Try to use a generic white paint colour if you can. It may mean sanding the walls down to rid the wall of the old colour, but it is better than painting the wall a colour the buyer may not like. It is best to speak to your decorator about how many coats you may need.

Adding or Fixing Décor to Add to The Charm

An expert decorator will be able to help you find those small quirky areas of each room that could use a touch-up. A curtain rail that is slightly off or chips in the walls that could use some Polyfilla and a coat of paint. Also, areas, where watermarks and stains are common such as bathrooms and kitchens, can be addressed just to make each room in the house look perfect.

You can also have a decorator hang mirrors for you in rooms that you need to make bigger. Your decorator will be able to advise you best on where to put mirrors.

Here we have presented just 3 tips that can help you stage your home in preparation for buyers to come and view your place. These tips will also impress an assessor coming to value your property. If you need all this work done professionally with expert advice on how best to tackle each point made in this guide, then ask an expert decorator to come into your home and help you.

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