Airless Paint Spraying Advantages

Airless paint spraying advantages are many and varied. We will look at what situations this type of decorating is most appropriate for, and also why such painting work is best left to experienced decorators.

What is airless paint spraying?

An airless paint sprayer pumps paint at very high pressure through a hose forcing it out of a very small nozzle in its spray gun tip. Different sized tips can be used for different decorating jobs. These tips are so designed as to evenly break up the paint into a fan-shaped spray pattern of tiny droplets.

To get an idea of how airless spray systems work, think of how a bathroom shower unit ejects water.

Airless paint spraying advantages:

  • Speed & Efficiency: The traditional methods of using brushes is an extremely valid one while the use of rollers helps complete a project more quickly. Both certainly have their place in the art of painting and decorating, but they do not compare with the speed of completion when an airless paint sprayer is used. This is particularly the case when large areas need decoration.
  • An even, uniform application: Consistency of use through experience means that an even, attractive finish will be achieved. An airless spray application also means that areas such as textured walls or uneven surfaces benefit from uniform application.
  • Flexibility: Airless sprayers can be used across a wide range of coating materials. They can be used for both exterior and interior decoration work. Due to their compact size, moving from one area or place to another is simplicity itself.
  • Quality finish: Due to the even coat of paint delivered to a finished area and the fact it is applicable to any type of surface means you will be left with an eye-catching, high-quality finish to the decorated areas.

It pays to get professionals to do the job:

As can be seen from the above, there are definite advantages in using an airless spray unit for decoration. They are an excellent tool for large jobs such as the outside of a house or business premises, long perimeter fences and outbuilding work. For interior work, and with practice they can be used efficiently to afford a perfect, smooth finish on doors, cabinets and other woodwork.

But, you really do need to know what you are doing! Complete control and knowledge of the correct spray tip size for the job at hand and how to apply the paint evenly across the variety of surfaces and finishes you will encounter is a necessity. If not, there is a big possibility that a good proportion of the paint will end up in the air.

Without proper preparation and the correct use of covers this excess paint can drift and settle over the surrounding area. In terms of outside jobs think garden plants and shrubs, and worse still on vehicles (yours and your neighbours!).

Fit for purpose:

Professional decorators have been trained in the use and care of airless paint spraying applications. They will carry out preparation work to the highest standard and this will ensure the paint lands where it is intended.

Another of the Airless paint spraying advantages is one that will please all:

When the chosen area has been decorated, a professional, attractive finish will have been efficiently completed to the exacting standards you deserve.

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